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The bad man wants to play... and he likes to play rough.



My time is up and it’s all my fault. I left him, left my Gage. My head was so messed up, and I just wanted to feel safe, and now I can hear the monster outside, fumbling with the keys, and there’s nowhere to hide. 

I've made a lot of mistakes, but now I'm done with that. If I survive tonight, I'm done running. All I want is to live a life full of CHAOS.



Liv is the only woman I’ve ever loved. I knew she was it from the first time I saw her in pigtails when I was six years old. Even in the years we were apart, not one woman ever came close to filling that void, and now some psychopath thinks to come in and take what’s mine? Never. Some men mete out vengeance, for hurting my Liv, he feels my wrath. One of us will die tonight, and it ain’t gonna be me.

Chaos Calmed

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