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***Cover Reveal***

Up For Forever

***Cover Reveal*** Companion to Heather Young-Nichols Up For Grabs.

Up For Forever.

New Adult contemporary romance author Heather Young-Nichols returns with another sexy, heartwarming, and often funny story about the choices we make when dating. For Kendra Roberts, love is for fairy tale princesses who don't live in the real world. Mr. Right? What a joke. It's more like Mr. Right Now. But imagine her surprise when she realizes it's been two whole years, and Mr. Right Now has become something more. How the hell did that happen? Panic sets in when Kendra finds out that Adam Burger might be planning a future for them and making her his "Mrs." Mrs. Burger. Not. So. Fast. Kendra ends things with Adam, feeling bad for letting the relationship go this far. After months of trying to convince herself she made the right decision, a mutual friend's wedding throws them back together again. In one mind-blowing moment, Kendra comes to the crushing realization that she’s been in love with Adam all along. But when Adam seems to have already moved on, will Kendra fight for their forever after? Or will she let her once Mr. Right Now go and become someone else's Mr. Right?

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