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Cover Reveal!!!!

For those who check out my website, you already got a first look but for the rest of you, here it is! This is the FINAL book in the Bedlam Horde MC series.

Devil's Own: Roughneck.

I'm so excited for you to read it.


This is the end of the line. Once crossed, it can never be undone. But to save their club and the women they love, there is no price too high to pay. The devil is recruiting and he knows where to find his own.

Sparks fly between Roughneck and a new woman in town. She goes by the name Gia. All it takes is one cold, rainy night for these two to realize that there might be something worth exploring here—until Vlad, the Horde president, knocks on Roughneck’s door and sees his sister standing half-dressed in the living room.

Vlad doesn’t want her anywhere near the life or his MC, but Roughneck and Gia know neither can walk away. The club is divided, some backing Vlad and some Rough. This divide couldn’t come at a worse time because someone is targeting the Horde and their friends the Brimstone Lords.

This is it. One final challenge. They win or they die trying.


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