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Duke: Redeemed

Brimstone Lords MC 2

I'm a single mom looking for a fresh start. He's trouble in tight jeans--the president of a motorcycle club. What could possibly go wrong?



Broken promises. Broken dreams. Broken heart. Men are trouble and that's all I've ever gotten. So when my daughter and I set down roots in small-town Kentucky, the last place I expect to find my kind of trouble is with a clubhouse full of bikers.

Not just any bikers, the Brimstone Lords.



When my wife died, love died. Stick to easy. I mean, hell, I got needs. Imagine my surprise when trouble walks through my clubhouse door in the form of a fiery redheaded doctor with a bangin' body I can't resist... and the little girl who steals my heart. 

Our timing couldn't be worse with a serial killer still stalking Lords women, putting Doc and her girl directly in the path of murder. But I protect what's mine, and Doc and Peaches are


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