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Some rules are made to be broken...

So what if Len is a fake? A fake boyfriend is better than none at all, especially when I need to show up my cheating ex—stat! I've put four rules in play to help me get there.

1. Quit being a scaredy-cat and try new things.

2. Let Len help me to stop being a scaredy-cat. It’s his fault I'm in this predicament, to begin with.

3. Document everything on social media for my used-to-be friends to see (they all sided with the ex).

4. Try not to fall in love...

Guess which rule I broke?

What brought this on? One day changed my life. The day I confused fearlessness with recklessness, and the consequences were dire. My once carefree days were filled with nothing but fear. It took me six years—six years—and the knowledge that my ex, the jerkface who dumped me because our fun-filled lives had flatlined, had just gotten engaged to the woman he dumped me for, to decide it was time to get my mojo back.

Join the adventure with Kami and Len in this steamy, opposites attract, fake boyfriend romantic comedy jam-packed with sizzling chemistry, heartstopping challenges, and sassy fun! Oh, and don’t forget Bon Jovi, hot wings, and a python named Mollie.

NEW-Summer-of-the-Boy-ACX-USA-COVER (1).

Damn my luck.

First summer home from college, I have to deal with the fallout of the bomb I dropped on my family the night before I left.

First summer home from college, I have to face the realities of breaking my girlfriend's heart.

First summer home from college, I meet the man of my dreams...

And I don't know if it's legal.

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