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(Dating In Extreme Times)

Adventures in Love Book Two

Why settle for a pickle tickle when it’s more fun to play hide the salami?


When Brigeeta—or Geet, as her friends call her—gets an invitation to her bestie’s wedding, she couldn’t be happier… until she finds out the location. Of course, Kami and Len couldn’t rent a beachfront villa for their special day. They needed something unique... like a hike up seventy-bajillion steps to a monument Geet got lightheaded even thinking about. Worse yet, not one brochure mentioned any kind of elevator to the peak. 


To lessen the odds of her needing a defibrillator mid-climb, she hires a personal trainer to help her get in shape. But not just any trainer. This smokin’ hottie might make a good plus one for the nuptials. Unfortunately, flirting proves impossible when he pairs her with Sinjin—a highly attractive workaholic—to keep them both motivated.


With six weeks to get fit, can Brigeeta make the trek to her best friend’s wedding with her crush on her arm? Or will she, and her hopes, melt in a heap on the gym floor? 

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