(Did I Eat That?)

Adventures in Love Book Two

When the best thing to snack on isn’t actually food…


The funny, friendly, some-might-say pretty, but-all-would-say chubby Brigeeta—or Geet—as her best friends call her, gets an invitation to her besties’ wedding, she couldn’t be happier… until she finds out where it is.


A destination wedding? Seems appropriate for Kami and Len, but they’re giving their vows in on an island close to Antarctica. There’s hiking involved… and like seventy bajillion steps to climb. How in the world is she expected to make it all the way up there?


But wait—it gets worse. The invitation says Brigeeta + 1. A plus one? Kami has to know there hasn’t been a plus one in like, forever… or at least the last fourish years.


Her new personal trainer is pretty hot and might make a good candidate for a plus one if not for Sinjin, the goofy, okay-he-might-be-considered-attractive guy the trainer paired her to partner with to keep them motivated, who also happens to keep getting in the way of her flirting.


Brigeeta has one month to get in shape enough to make the trek to her best friend’s wedding and one month to convince a guy to go along with her, though it might not be the one she originally planned on. 

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