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Flight: The Roc Warriors.

Immortal Elements Series Bk. 1

Meet Meena Anthony, a woman whose explosive destiny could lead to everlasting life or imminent death.

Volcanic researcher Meena might be onto the discovery of a lifetime. Sent to the Canadian Rockies to figure out why a once-classified dormant volcano has started giving off disturbing readings, what she stumbles upon could trigger the end of human existence on the planet.

When a chance encounter on the summit with a handsome, beguiling, possibly touched stranger forces her from the mountain, Meena’s world both implodes and expands in ways she never dreamed possible. Not the least because the stranger, a man who calls himself Shadow of the Roc, a man she’s felt a pull towards since they first locked eyes, has plans for her—big plans that have nothing to do with digging in the dirt. To stop the trigger of a supervolcano, saving millions of lives in the process, she’ll have to trust Shadow. But when she finds herself thrust into a war between creatures she never knew existed, all bets are off…

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