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Bossman: Undone

The Brimstone Lords MC

They call me a traitor. He calls me his. I just want to survive.


I’ve barely been back in town five minutes and I already regret it. Another link in a long, heavy chain of regrets weighing down every aspect of my life since I was sixteen. I was just a baby. Far too young to deal with the very adult problems forced on me. They didn’t understand. Why didn’t they understand? No—get in, bury my father, then get out—that’s what I need to do. Only, the good people of Thornbriar haven’t been shy about letting me know that I’m unwelcome. Someone even trashed my car, slashing the tires, and spray painting lies in bold colors all over it. How am I supposed to leave without a car, people?

The only person who seems happy to see me is someone I can’t remember—until I do and then the shit really hits the fan. I can’t escape him. And while I’m running from him, a serial killer descends on the town coming after every woman I know. His endgame? Me. Why? I don’t know. What I do know, I’m left with two choices: Let Bossman catch me and make me his, or let Houdini catch me and make me dead.

Both choices scare the hell out of me.

Elise is all I’ve ever wanted and I’ll be damned if I let the town run her off again. They spend too much time living in the past, and she hasn’t made a great first impression with my MC brothers. The Brimstone Lords are my family. They’ve been good to me and they’ll be good to her if she can get past her judgmental, bratty behavior to see what kind of men they are. If that isn’t enough, women begin turning up dead from Thornbriar to Chicago, and every one of them has a connection to Elise. While I’m chasing down a madman, I’ll need my brothers more than ever to keep her alive. I’ll die before I let him get her. That’s a promise.


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