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Other Side of Beautiful


A Beautifully Disturbed Novel

Two years ago Elle Dinninger left home for college and never looked back.

A secret nervous breakdown and an awful family were all the incentive she needed to distance herself from her past. Despite her mother's relentless efforts to drag her down, Elle has a set career path and wonderful friends, including the sexy serial dater, Benton Hayes.


Ben Hayes longs for the one thing he fears most...

Aware of his reputation, which he cultivates to avoid serious relationships, he's seen how destructive--and even deadly--love can be. But he's been friends with Elle since freshman year, and wants more from the beautiful, curvy co-ed, if he can find the courage to tell her how he feels.


Elle's tormented history won't lie quietly.

She tries to move forward, but others pursue their own agendas at her expense, leaving Elle vulnerable and unable to trust anyone... even Ben, so she falls back into dangerous habits.

Ben fights to help Elle overcome her fears and insecurities, but when one of her darkest secrets is revealed, he seems to pull away.


Elle is shattered and decides the only thing left to do is disappear...

Lost in her own negative self-image and the reopening of old wounds, she can only be saved by Ben's unconditional love.

Can Ben get past his jaded views in time to make Elle see how beautiful she really is?  Or are the star-crossed lovers destined for tragedy?

This title available in paperback only through this retailer

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