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A coup is about to tear the Bedlam Horde MC apart, and only the most cunning will survive.

When I joined the Horde, I never thought the club would end up here. I’m no choirboy and don’t shy away from hard living, but I draw the line at hurting women. Rage, our old president, wants us out—yeah, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I let that happen. He’s toxic to the MC. It’s about time the Bedlam Horde clean house. If this is how he wants to play—then game on.

I’ve devoted my life to helping women escape trafficking ever since the day I was rescued. But when I saw our safe house destroyed, one woman having survived the nightmare and the others I swore to protect dead or missing, I knew I needed stronger allies in this battle. Our enemy knows us by name. They’re coming for us if we don’t take them out first. In order to protect us, I have to put my trust in the thing I fear most—a man.

Devil's Advocate: Vlad

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