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I sought out the Lords for protection, never imagining I’d bring death to their doorstep.



Always chasing his next fix, my own father sold me to a hairy, no-necked troglodyte. But I refused to be his bargaining chip. The second I stole the trog’s money and pickup to escape, I knew I was painting a target on my back. He’ll hunt me down. There are things worse than death and he’ll make sure I suffer through every one of them... if he can find me. Armed with the last known address of my sister, I’m heading to Thornbriar, Kentucky. If she’s still living with the Brimstone Lords MC, they may be my only shot to survive. 



I don’t do attachments. But, certain forces of nature can’t be ignored. Hurricane Brinley is one of them. She roared into town in a storm cloud of chaos, begging for protection. I didn’t hesitate. I’m the hero. Still, claiming her brings a crushing danger down on the club like nothing my brothers and I have fought before. I’m magnetically drawn to the curvaceous beauty, but protecting her may mean breaking my loyalty to my MC. 

Hero Claimed

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