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Some rules are made to be broken...

I had four simple rules to get my mojo back.

1. Quit being a scaredy-cat and try new things.
2. Let Len help me to stop being a scaredy-cat since he got me into this mess in the first place.
3. Document everything on social media for my used-to-be friends to see.
4. Try not to fall in love...
Guess which rule I broke?

One day changed my life. The day I confused fearlessness with recklessness, and the consequences were dire. My once carefree days were filled with nothing but fear. Six years later, after hearing about the engagement of my ex who dumped me (because our fun life had flat-lined) to the woman he replaced me with, I decided to get my mojo back.

Skydiving, Skinny-Dipping & Other Ways to Enjoy Your Fake Boyfriend

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