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WTF are you thinking?


Luisa “Lu” Posche threw herself into work and serial dating after getting her heart ripped out of her chest and stomped on into a mash of betrayal and sadness. That was because the stinking, no-good, Rob Napolitano, broke things off three years ago. Why? Because although he loved her, he “just wasn’t ready to settle down yet.” According to him, after realizing his huge mistake, Rob tried to get back in contact with her, to no avail until seizing his opportunity at a mutual friend’s wedding. She was blindsided. And he forced her onto the dance floor. Then he kissed her. How dare he? Well, let’s just say his crotch didn’t fare too well in that situation. Not with her knee as a weapon.


But did he take a hint? Oh, no… not Rob. He brought her job into it, hiring her company to hopefully bring them on as investors in his newest venture, a dude ranch of all things. Somehow, he’d convinced her boss to send Lu out to the ranch for the week to decide if they’re willing to pony up the cash. Just Lu and Rob. How was she going to survive a week with the man who made her hate the very idea of love?

WTF Are You Thinking?

  • No return on signed copies. 

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