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Soar: The Warrior's Fight. 

Immortal Elements Series Bk. 2

When destiny calls, you answer… or die trying.

Saahirah of the Gyr is a falcon-shifter on the vacation of a lifetime when her camp is attacked and her family is murdered—then Saahirah is sold into a harem kept by the regent of the land. Desperate to escape, Saahairah clings to one thought: there’s a mate somewhere destined for her. She can’t give in to the regent or she’ll never know true happiness. There’s just one little problem: the regent has one of the world’s most powerful witches in his employ.

It takes witchy power to fight witchy power, so Saahirah does what any smart-minded twenty-something shifter girl would do—she teaches herself magic. The magic, however, works a little too well, connecting her with a mysterious figure with honey-amber eyes that pulls her heartstring taut, and Saahirah knows she’s in a whole different kind of trouble.

Crest, aerie-lord and youngest brother to the future King of the Roc, is the one to answer her call. Even though the timing seems off, with an evil presence threatening the world, they discover they’re stronger together and their bond is exactly what’s needed—a reminder of what they’re fighting for... and why they have to win.

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