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Up and running for a year now

My Beautiful Friends,

Hard to believe I've had my site up and running for a year now, as the title says. A whole year. So much has happened, and I've learned so much.

It's a process.

The NA Scavenger Hunt was a success for me. A big thank you to all who participated and signed up for my newsletter. A big congratulations to those who won my first ever contests.

For my peeps who've checked out the rest of my site, you've seen the newest book baby, due date June 20th in the Summer Loving Anthology. It's a novella and it's for charity. I'm really happy to have been asked to participate in such an endeavor.

To those of you who haven't checked out the rest of my site (and you know who you are), here's the cover:

Great right?

I think so.

And yeah, that's two dudes. Dudes need love too. Eventually I'll offer up Leif and Ridley individually (that is, not part of the anthology) but as proceeds go to a good cause, we're going to push the collection for a little while first.

Always growing. Always changing.

But I see good things on the horizon for year two. I promise to keep you posted.

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