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Kindle Vella is LIVE!!!

I know you all know me most for my MCs and I've got a lot more coming your way in the next year, but I do like to take a walk on the wild side of life sometimes and write a story other than MC--shock, horror--and so far, I have two stories. One is PNR with shifters: Flight: The Roc Warriors. The other is a brand spanking new story that no one has ever seen. Blood Rebel.


Katrina Matthews refuses to go down without a fight. The Earth has been overrun by an invasive species using humans as hosts, destroying the thing that makes them most human, their humanity. A mandatory blood test shows Katrina is one of the few people on the planet with blood able to kill off the invaders. The aliens want her dead to eliminate the threat against them. The humans want her blood to make a serum to kill off the aliens and they're willing to spill it all.


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